Vancouver 2023 Theme Reveal

Join us from August 4th to 6th at the electrifying Vancouver arena for an unforgettable weekend that perfectly captures the essence of the city’s deep connection to wildlife, the outdoors, and our eternal love for hockey!

Nestled between breathtaking mountains and the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a city that boasts a unique blend of urban vibrancy and untamed natural beauty. We Canucks are known for our love of exploring the great outdoors, from hiking lush trails to kayaking through pristine waters.

But there’s one passion that unites us all: HOCKEY! The Vancouver Canucks hold a special place in Vancouver’s heart, inspiring them with their thrilling gameplay and unwavering dedication. It’s a bond that runs deep, connecting the love for the sport with our admiration for the stunning wildlife that surrounds Vancouver.

From the iconic Orca symbolizing strength and power to the swift and graceful Salmon swimming against the current, Vancouver’s wildlife has become an integral part of their hockey culture. And now, we’re bringing that unique connection to life for The Vancouver Draft Tournament!

Team Spotlight: The Sardine Twins! 

These slick players will honor the legendary Twins in an awe-inspiring way. Get ready to witness the magic of the ocean unfold as they glide across the ice with the finesse of a school of sardines!


Calgary July 7-9th – REGISTER NOW (Almost Sold Out!)

Denver July 21-23rd – REGISTER NOW (Almost Sold Out!)

Vancouver August 4-6th – REGISTER NOW

Once in a lifetime opportunity to play hockey with us this summer in Malmo Sweden August 11-13th – REGISTER NOW!

Edmonton August 18-20th – REGISTER NOW

Penticton September 1-3rd – REGISTER NOW

Jasper September 29 – Oct 1st – REGISTER NOW

Whitefish October 13-15th – REGISTER NOW

Banff October 27-29th – REGISTER NOW

Phoenix November 3 – 5th – REGISTER NOW

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