Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be good at hockey?

Absolutely not! We have all skill levels playing, from beginners that have never played a real ice hockey game, to pros that have made it to the bigs. The point of Draft Tournaments is that anyone and everyone can play together and have fun.

The draft process tries to ensure that teams will be even, so come out and have the best hockey weekend of your life, no matter what your skill level!

How old do you have to be to play in a Draft Tournament?

You must be 18 years old to play in a Draft Tournament. Some of our Draft Parties take place in provinces or states where the legal drinking age is 19 or 21, so in these cases you may not be able to attend the Draft Party if it is in a licensed location.

If this is the case, we will still get you drafted to a team and let you know which team, and when you play on Saturday.

Can I play on the same team as my friends?

The whole concept of the Draft Party is that the teams are made on the spot, and anything can happen in terms of who gets drafted where. We do not make any exceptions to this rule, so unfortunately we cannot promise that you will be placed on a team with your friends. But that is the best part! No matter what, you will still be around your friends in or around the rink all weekend. You will make new friends with your teammates, and whether you play with or against the friends you came with, we promise you will have an amazing time.

Is it full equipment?

Yes, you must have full equipment, from skates, shin pads and pants, to gloves and a helmet.

Cages and visors are not mandatory, but encouraged. We also recommend shoulder pads, but they are not required either.

Are the tournaments co-ed?

Absolutely! We have lots of women play in Draft Tournaments, and sometimes we even have more women than men on the ice!

What is your cancellation policy?

More than 30 days before

If you cancel more than 30 days before the tournament start date, we will give you a full refund minus a 10% processing fee. You can also transfer your funds to a different tournament with no processing fee.

Less than 30 days before

If you cancel within 30 days before the tournament start date, AND we can fill your spot with another player, then we can give you a full refund minus a 10% processing fee.

If we CANNOT fill the spot, you can transfer the fees to another tournament (100% of the funds).

OR we can give you a half refund (minus 10%) and move half as a credit to another tournament.

Is travel cost included in the tournament?

Travel to and from the tournament’s host city is NOT included. It is your responsibility to get to the host city, but we will provide any assistance you need to help you arrange your travel plans.

What if I don't need a hotel for the Draft Tournament?

Every tournament has the option to register without accommodation. Select that option when you register and you will save the hotel room charges.

How can I save $50 with the Draft Family Bonus?

The Draft Family Bonus is our way to help you and your friends save money on your hockey dream! To be eligible for the discount of $50 you need to register in a group of three or more people (you plus two friends).

When you register, name the friends who are taking the program with you. If two or more of your friends register, you will all receive a $50 discount when you sign up.

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