Edmonton 2023 Theme Reveal

So what do NHL mascots do during the off season? We asked Chat GPT and it came up with: During the NHL mascots’ off-season, they might engage in various activities such as charity events, community appearances, and promotional campaigns to stay connected with fans. Additionally, some mascots might participate in other sports or entertainment events during their downtime…. Hmmm that got us thinking. We are heading to Edmonton for the Draft Tournament, what does their mascot do durning this long offseason? Well obviously he hangs out at West Edmonton Mall and does all the fun activities and sees the attractions there – past and present!!!

First team up: Pirate Ship!
Climb aboard the Santa Maria, an exact replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship that was used on his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. Look for it right in the middle of West Edmonton Mall. It is available to visitors for a photo opportunity or to host an event.

Santa Maria - West Edmonton Mall


Want to join us this year? Here is the remaining schedule:

Denver July 21-23rd – REGISTER NOW (Sold Out!)

Vancouver August 4-6th – REGISTER NOW

Once in a lifetime opportunity to play hockey with us this summer in Malmo Sweden August 11-13th – REGISTER NOW!

Edmonton August 18-20th – REGISTER NOW

Penticton September 1-3rd – REGISTER NOW

Jasper September 29 – Oct 1st – REGISTER NOW

Whitefish October 13-15th – REGISTER NOW

Banff October 27-29th – REGISTER NOW

Phoenix November 3 – 5th – REGISTER NOW

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