How does the Draft work? Come help us draft the teams for the weekend!

The Draft Tournament is the world’s most unique hockey experience, and now you can see for yourself how it all works.

We will even buy you a drink just for stopping by! (there is no cost to attend the party).

All hockey players are invited to the Draft Party on Friday August 4th at 7:00PM, but hurry spots are limited! (due to venue size).

Come see with your own eyes how we draft the teams, help with pinch drinking and really get the feel for what it is like to be drafted!

All you need to do is RSVP via the form below, it is completely free.

And who knows you might even win a free entry to the next draft tournament at the party! (there something very cool that happens during the party but you have to be there to see for yourself and to take part).

Where: Real Canadian Brewhouse – 4755 McClelland Rd. #1305 Richmond, V6X OM5

When: 7:00PM Friday, August 4th, 2023

Event Link: Vancouver Draft Tournament Page

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