Canmore 2023 Jersey #4

Attention hockey fans and players! We are thrilled to announce that the upcoming 125th Draft Tournament in Canmore this May will be a celebration of the sport’s rich history and unique fashion trends. As a nod to the 1970s, we will be honoring the brief but unforgettable era of Cooperalls, as you will take to the ice in these iconic pants. Get ready to relive the glory days of hockey fashion and join us for a one-of-a-kind tournament experience. Don’t miss out on this special event – get your Cooperalls and lace up your skates!

The theme for this year is the Alberta Disco Hockey League. What if the small towns in 1970’s Alberta had a league? Would they all wear Cooperalls? Your damn rights they would, you Jive Turkeys!

Next team up is the Drumheller Disco!

Canmore still has some spots available if you want to come celebrate 125 Drafts and play in some sweet Cooperalls register TODAY –

Canmore May 19-21st – REGISTER NOW


If you want to join us 2023 for a Draft Tournaments you have to act fast:

Toronto May 12-14th – REGISTER NOW

LA June 23-25th – REGISTER NOW

Calgary July 7-9th – REGISTER NOW

Denver July 21-23rd – REGISTER NOW

Vancouver August 4-6th – REGISTER NOW

Once in a lifetime opportunity to play hockey with us this summer in Malmo Sweden August 11-13th – REGISTER NOW!

Edmonton August 18-20th – REGISTER NOW

Penticton September 1-3rd – REGISTER NOW

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