Las Vegas 2024 Theme Reveal

We are thrilled to announce the theme for the 2024 Las Vegas Draft Tournament: “Las Vegas Entertainers”!

This year, we’re paying homage to the dazzling lights and legendary performers that have made Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. And what better way to kick off this celebration than by unveiling our first jersey, inspired by none other than the iconic Celine Dion – meet “Celly Dion”.

“Celly Dion” embodies the spirit of Celine’s timeless elegance and her unparalleled impact on the Las Vegas entertainment scene. This jersey combines the glamour and sophistication of her performances with the competitive spirit and excitement of the Draft Tournament. Every detail, from the design elements to the choice of colors, is a tribute to the diva’s legendary Las Vegas shows, ensuring that players and fans alike can carry a piece of that magic onto the ice.

We invite you to embrace the flair and vibrancy of Las Vegas with “Celly Dion” and stay tuned as we unveil more jerseys inspired by the city’s most legendary entertainers. Join us in celebrating the fusion of sports and entertainment, Las Vegas style!

First Jersey – Celly Dion!


Come join us for one of our tournaments in 2024:


Las Vegas April 12-14th (almost full) – REGISTER NOW

Seattle April 26-28th – REGISTER NOW

Canmore May 17-19th – REGISTER NOW

Toronto May 31 – June 2nd – REGISTER NOW

Maritimes TOUR June 17-21st (WAITLIST) – REGISTER NOW

Calgary July 5-7th  – REGISTER NOW

Denver July 19-21st – REGISTER NOW


Montreal July 26-28th – REGISTER NOW

Edmonton August 16-18th – REGISTER NOW

Penticton August 30-Sept 1st – REGISTER NOW

Jasper Sept 27-29th – REGISTER NOW

Lake Placid October 4-6th – REGISTER NOW

Whitefish October 18-20th – REGISTER NOW

Phoenix November 1-3rd – REGISTER NOW

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