Third Canmore Jersey Revealed!

10 years ago a few guys sat with some beers, and cooked up the most game changing idea in hockey since the aluminium stick. The concept was simple enough: team tournaments were hard to sign up for. You had to organize your whole team of 15 players, on a weekend that everyone could make, in a city that everyone could get to. Getting everyone’s money was like herding cats, and then when you actually got to the rink for the weekend, you had no idea what to expect. Was your C Division the same as this league in Wisconsin? Were you going to lose every game by 15, or were you going to be the dicks that did the opposite?

Thus the Draft Tournament was born. And boy has it taken on a life of its own! Who could have predicted the over 2,000 hockey players from all over the world, from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Tokyo, Japan. From Largo, Florida to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Former ECHLers to players literally stepping on the ice for their first hockey game ever. And who could have predicted that all of those hockey players loving the best game in the world, would become familyLifelong relationships would be formed because you suck at chugging and were the last pick of your round. And whether you found yourself in Edmonton, or Salzburg, or Los Angeles one day, you knew you had a couch to crash on and an in for that night’s shinny [seriously, ask Karen and Losie, they’ve always got your back].

So 10 years and almost 70 Draft Tournaments later, here we are. The original and biggest and baddest: The Canmore Draft Tournament. And after everything we have been through, we still know our roots and want to honour them. Though it may look much much different this time around (see below), we are going back to the first ever Draft Tournament theme: The Original Six (but we will have more than six teams, so we might have to get creative)…

The third team to be revealed is the Boston Draftins!

Canmore has less than 20 spots left to sign up, so if you’re still waiting, then get on it and register today!

We also had two player spots and one goalie spot open up for Las Vegas, so sign up before it’s too late!

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