2018 Jasper Theme Revealed!

The 8th Annual Jasper Draft Tournament is almost upon us!

Full of tons of awesome hockey players (at least that’s what we think). And we know that they’re even better people… Super you might even say 😉

Flying from far and wide, these players always bring the best attitudes on and off the ice. It takes heroic strength to go 3 days with only 4 hours of sleep a night, all while playing 5 games of hockey.

You are all marvellous. And that is why you are our heroes. Which is why the theme for the 2018 Jasper Draft Tournament is!… Drumroll please:


The first team up is the Irondrafts! We have a feeling Jim Ramsdell might be a fan of this set.

While Jasper is already sold out, you can still join the waitlist here. Phoenix is down to only 10 spots for an 8 team tournament, and Los Angeles has less than 20 spots!

Please register now to get your spot!

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