2019 Toronto Theme Revealed!

Bills. Cheddar. Cash. Dough. Dinero. Scrilla. No matter what you call it, money makes the world go round. In fact, as RZA, GZA and the rest of the Clan say: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”

Most money is inherently beautiful because of the value it holds, but it is hard to find money as aesthetically pleasing as the gorgeous Canadian dollar bills. Crispy, colourful, plastic, waterproof tender, that even smells like maple syrup when you scratch it! (Although this is still up for debate).

Add in the fact that their coins are called LOONIES and TOONIES, and you’ve probably got yourself the coolest money in the world. This beautiful, biased boy thinks so at least:

So, without further ado, the theme for the 2019 Toronto Draft Tournament is Canadian Cash! 

The first team up is the Twenties!

There are only three spots left for the Toronto tournament and it will SELL OUT, so make sure to sign up if you are interested in coming!