Second Calgary Jersey Revealed!

Some of the best things happen over beer. Ideas are born, friendships forged, deals struck. Draft Tournaments were created that way, and Village Brewery began that way too! Starting in 2012 as a small craft brewery, and growing to be one of the biggest and best in Alberta.

At Draft Tournaments we like beer. So what better way to show our love for beer at the Calgary Draft Tournament than teaming up with the best in Calgary beer!?

We present to you: the Village Brewery theme! The second jersey up is the Village Beachcombers! A definitive North American IPA, this baby features a strong backbone of sweet malt character from a complex grain bill. Ripe with tropical fruits on the nose, they include mango, melon, passionfruit, pineapple, guava and grapefruit. Sounds healthy, right?

We cant wait to see the Draft Family in Calgary! Expect tons of beer at the tournament, big Stampede belt buckles, and a party like no other at The Barn!

The tournament is currently sold out, so if you are looking to get your Draft on, sign up for Vancouver or Atlantic City later this summer!

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