Seattle Theme Revealed!

The great city of Seattle does not have an NHL team. In fact, they don’t even have a rink built yet. But that did not stop a potential Seattle expansion ownership group from selling 33,000 season ticket deposits in under 48 hours in March (creating a waitlist in the process).

So, let’s be honest here: Seattle is getting an NHL team soon. Which got us thinking, what would this potential NHL team be called? What jerseys would they wear?

That’s when we stumbled upon some work by a member of the community named Sparky Chewbarky, and worked together to create the Seattle Expansion Draft Theme!

The first team up is a throwback to the first American team to ever win the Stanley Cup in 1917, the Metropolitans!

There are only 4 spots left for this tournament and it WILL sell out! The only question is whether you get one of the spots or not… So sign up today!