Jasper/Banff Jersey #5

Anyone that has ever been to a Draft Tournament knows, that once you get the Draft Family together, be it a bar, the dressing room, a hotel room, one of the most common conversation topics is. potential Draft Themes. Starts like – “This would be an awesome theme” or “What about a _____ Theme?” and then the brainstorming begins. “This could be one jersey or this” etc etc.

Well in Toronto this year, Draft Crew All-star Dani threw out an idea for a theme. This idea took over the weekend. Every chance people got together they had another team name created. It must have been the inspiration from playing at the hallowed Maple Leaf Gardens, but by the end of the weekend there were well over 40 teams imagined. We took Dani’s list and picked the 6 best to use for Jasper/Banff this year. So thanks to Dani for – ANIMAL PLAYER PUNS.

Next Team – BOBBY BOAR

There are only Limited Spots Available , so grab yours while you still can!

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