Draft Tournament Top 50 Players: 50-41


If you have not heard yet, Phoenix will be the 50th Draft Tournament and we are celebrating #DraftTournament50 in many ways!

From Las Vegas to Boston, 8 YEARS in Canmore, overseas in Austria, our first time in California this December, and many, many stops in between, the Draft Family has seen it all. And none of this incredible insanity would be possible without the amazing people that bring their positive attitudes, big personalities, and bottlesĀ of Fireball tucked into those hockey bags. Hockey skills are optional, but being a beauty is not!

So to celebrate just a small slice of the craziness that is the #DraftFamily, we are featuringĀ the Top 50 Draft Tournament Players of the past 8 years (based on tournaments attended). These number are based on tournaments up to Columbus (so excluding Salzburg and Jasper). Check out their stats and Official Draft Tournament hockey cards below!

So with that (including a tie at the end), we present #50-41:

50. Spencer Wik – 9 Tournaments – 12G, 30A, 42P
50. Tracy Tomassetti – 9 Tournaments – 0G, 17A, 17P
49. Matt Swainson – 9 Tournaments – 3G, 11A, 14P
48. Kelvin Neustaeter – 9 Tournaments – 99G, 20A, 138P (Better keep that next goal puck!)
47. Graham Waronek – 9 Tournaments – 4G, 29A, 33P
46. Adrienne Myers – 9 Tournaments – 7G, 34A, 41P
45. Charlene Bidula – 9 Tournaments – 8G, 28A, 36P
44. Brian Roy – 9 Tournaments – 2G, 16A, 18P
43. Sean “Swampy” Davies – 9 Tournaments – 15G, 37A, 52P
42. Jack Neufer – 9 Tournaments – 18G, 22A, 40P
41. Andrew Cordick – 9 Tournaments – 24-15-3, 6A