Third Boston Jersey Revealed!

I’m a sailor peg, and I lost my leg! Climbing up the top sails I lost my leg!!!!


Nothing says Boston like shipping up for St. Paddy’s Day weekend, drinking all the green beer you can find, and playing a bunch of hockey at the Warrior Ice Arena before heading to a Dropkick Murphy’s concert right across the street on Sunday night. Sounds pretty Bostonian to us!

And so, what better way to celebrate Boston than to work with the Boston legends themselves. Ken Casey and the rest of the boys from the State of Massachusetts love hockey, and were right on board when we asked them if they wanted to collaborate on some kickass Draft Tournament uniforms for this year’s Boston Draft Tournament.

And best of all, we’ll be auctioning off a couple sets of jerseys with all proceeds going to the band’s charity: the Claddagh Fund.

The Claddagh Fund is the charitable foundation of the Dropkick Murphys, founded in 2009 by band frontman, Ken Casey.  The Claddagh Fund honors the three attributes of the Claddagh Ring: Friendship, Love & Loyalty.

So without further ado, we present one of the coolest Draft themes ever. In association with the band themselves, THE DROPKICK MURPHYS!!!!

The third team in Boston is the Irish Rovers!

There are still about 15 spots left, and the tournament takes place March 18th to 20th. If you want a piece of history and one of the best hockey weekends of your lifetime, you’d better sign up soon before it sells out!

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