Phoenix 2022 Theme Reveal

The Phoenix Draft always happens around Halloween, the SPOOKIEST time of the year. Kids dressed up as goalies and goblins running from house to house collecting candy and trying to scare the crap out of each other. As we got older we had to find new ways to get the adrenalin going and to give us a fright, and not just looking at the price tag of our new pair of skates. We would head to a theatre or pop in a VHS or DVD and watch an ominous figure chase and slash their way through the movie, sort of feels like some of the hockey games we play now… But those iconic movies with their jump scares and bloody scenes are what we used for inspiration this Halloween. This Phoenix we celebrate  – HORROR MOVIES.

First team up is the iconic – Nightmare on Draft St.

There are only Limited Spots Available , so grab yours IF YOU DARE!

If you want to join the Mystery Tournaments you have to act fast:

Sept 23-25 leaving from Albany NY – REGISTER NOW

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