Hotel Options

Rob A writes: “I am interested in joining these draft tournaments and I have a handful of friends who want to join me. I have a few questions, what is the full cost of the following trips? I imagine we would find our own accommodations for Canmore and Vancouver so are we able to enroll and just pay the ice/tournament fees?
Cheers, this tournament sounds awesome”
Hi Rob, each tournament is priced based on a myriad of factors, like what the cost of the ice is, officials available, draft party venue, hotel we are staying in and other variables.
To answer your question for hotel options, we offer base rate which is double or triple accommodation in some cases, a single accommodation upgrade and no hotel option if you already have somewhere to stay, of course you just pay the tournament fees in this case!
Thanks for the love, see you at one of the tournaments soon, bring all your friends!
The Draft Tournament!