The game of hockey is full of great monikers. From the famous Mr. Hockey, The Great One, The Great Eight (a.k.a Ovi), The Rocket, Pocket Rocket, The Russian Rocket, Radar, Super Mario, The Moose to the more obscure ones like The Ironman, The Legend, Memphis, Nacho, Burrito, Sharkie and Sprinkles (a.k.a Sparkles), Swedish Fish, Mr. Mayor, Prime Minister, Major Cojones and the list goes on.

So why don’t you have a great hockey moniker that can be used in the dressing room, on the ice, and really in all life situation?

Go ahead, tell us about yourself we will hand you a worthy moniker you can go with anywhere! We’ll even shout it out from the roof tops of Twitter and other social media platforms. Boom! This is how we do it.

Ok, ready?

Lets have some fun!