Light the Lamp

In the world of hockey, the Draft Tournament is a well-known name, uniting players from various backgrounds to share their love for the game. Today, we are proud to announce an initiative that transcends the ice and goes into the heart of community spirit — the Light the Lamp Fund. Inspired by the legacy of the late Ernest Jameson, this fund aims to light up lives, just as Ernest did both on and off the rink.

A Legacy Remembered: Ernest Jameson was more than just a passionate hockey player; he was a beacon of generosity whose impact resonated beyond the friendships he made at the arena. His commitment to bettering the world was evident through his tradition of donating to a local charity for every goal he scored. It was his way of making every shot count — not just for his team, but for his community.

The Vision of the Light the Lamp Fund: Ernest’s passing was a profound loss to the Draft Tournament community. However, his spirit of giving lives on through the Light the Lamp Fund. We believe in not only celebrating his life but also continuing his tradition of philanthropy. The fund is designed to harness the collective energy and camaraderie of our tournaments to support local charities, making a direct impact where it’s needed most.

How It Works: For every goal scored in the Draft Tournament games, a donation will be made to a local charity through the Light the Lamp Fund. This not only motivates players to perform their best on the ice but also gives each goal a greater purpose. By linking the excitement of scoring with charitable giving, we foster a deeper connection between our participants and the communities we serve.

Joining Forces: The success of the Light the Lamp Fund hinges on the participation and support of every player, spectator, and sponsor involved with the Draft Tournament. Whether you are a player scoring goals, a fan cheering in the stands, or a business contributing as a sponsor, you play a crucial role in this charitable endeavor.

Participate: If you’re a player looking to make a more personal impact through the Light the Lamp Fund, you have several flexible options to consider. You can choose to donate a fixed amount, pledge a specific sum for each goal you score, or contribute based on other personal milestones you achieve during the tournament. Whether it’s per goal, per assist, or even celebrating a great defensive play, you can tailor your giving to match your style of play. 100% of the money you donate will be directed to the charity, ensuring that your efforts on the ice translate directly into meaningful support for our community partners. This is a fantastic way to increase the impact of your participation and inspire your teammates and fans to join in the giving spirit. DONATE HERE

Looking Forward: As we continue to organize more tournaments, the scope of the Light the Lamp Fund will expand, hoping to reach more communities and touch more lives. We invite everyone in our extended hockey family to get involved, whether by playing, sponsoring, or simply spreading the word.

Ernest Jameson left behind a legacy that extends far beyond his achievements on the ice. Through the Light the Lamp Fund, his spirit of generosity will continue to inspire and make a difference. We are excited to see how this new chapter in the Draft Tournament story will unfold, fuelled by the goals we score and the lives we aim to brighten.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming tournaments and opportunities to contribute to the Light the Lamp Fund. Let’s keep the lamp lit in memory of Ernest and for the benefit of our communities. Together, we can make every goal a beacon of hope.




Important Note about the Light the Lamp Fund:

While the Light the Lamp Fund is committed to supporting community charities through hockey, it’s important to note that at this time, the fund operates as a charitable initiative under the Draft Tournament umbrella and not as a standalone registered charity. This means that contributions to the fund through tournament play and donations or other activities are not eligible for tax receipts. However, for those who are interested in contributing directly to the local charities we support and receive a tax benefit, we encourage direct donations to these organizations. By doing so, you can extend your support further and benefit from the associated tax advantages. We are grateful for any form of contribution, whether through participation in our tournaments, donations to the fund or direct charity donations, as both methods profoundly impact our communities.