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    Back After 33 Years

    Chris, Las Vegas 2014

    After not lacing up and touching a puck for over 33 years, I have been apprehensive about first joining the league, and then registering for a NCHL Sponsored Tourney. However, after Vegas 2014, all fears are done. The tournament itself is very well organized, the draft works so the caliber of players per team is very equitable, and there is a great combination of both having fun and competition. The skilled players are positive, and I picked up several pointers during the game that will ultimately help when I return back to league play. The off ice antics are fun, and I strongly urge anyone with any apprehensions to put them away in the back pocket, sign up, and get ready for the ride.

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    What a great weekend.

    Kirk B., Jasper 2013

    What a great weekend. Truly a class act by the organizers from NCHL. Amazing jerseys, great Ref's, excellent photos, great teammates, very even teams and new friends made. Thanks all of the organizers. See you next year!

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    Fantastic Experience

    Dave R., Canmore

    These tournaments are a fantastic experience. I look forward to attending as many as I can, as it is a great opportunity to meet new people and play a bunch of hockey in a relatively non-competitive environment. Everyone is in to have fun, and I have not yet been disappointed in 6 tournaments!

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    Greatest experiences of my life

    Kyle G., Vancouver 2014

    Simply one of the greatest experiences of my life, an amazing group of people and the game we all love. Nothing better than that!

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    Can’t say enough good things!

    Gregor A., Seattle 2014

    This was an excellent first experience. It was great to see people playing for the love of the game and even though I was one of the weaker players (if not weakest) on my team everybody was supportive and loads of fun to play with. Also very obvious that this is your guys, the NCHL staff, passion. Can't say enough good things! Had an awesome time.

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    Ready to sign up right now for next year

    Jeremy M., Seattle 2014

    The Bremerton tourney was the best and most exciting time I have had playing hockey. The draft concept eliminated allot of the stress of trying to get a team together and hope your competitive. There is nothing that can come close to how much fun the draft party was. I am ready to sign up right now for next year!!

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    Look forward to this tournament every year

    Wayne M., Canmore 2014

    I look forward to this tournament every year. As this was my fourth it is always fun to catch up with old friends and make new ones. As others have said don't let fear hold you back. I am an older player and have always had nothing but support from my team and also opposing teams. As far as the ladies good on ya. Our team did a great job of making it fun for ALL our players and our female players classed it up.