Third Boston Jersey Revealed!

A new year brings a new chapter to the Draft Tournament story – and we hope that it’s a good one!

Over the years we have seen lots of crazy themes in Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and other amazing cities. But for Boston 2020, we are introducing a brand new hockey league!

We present to you the Irish Draft Hockey League (or IDHL). It will exist for one week only, and while the teams are based out of Ireland, they will all gather in Boston, Massachusetts for an unforgettable, rowdy weekend spent at Warrior Ice Arena – the home of the Boston Bruins.

The teams will come from Wexford and Galway, Kilkenny and other fine Irish areas with one goal: to battle for the prestigious Boston Draft Tournament A Final Keg!

The third IDHL team in Boston is the Wexford Whalers!

*Wexford is home of the “Wexford Whale” a famous skeleton of a beached whale from 1891 that was killed by a whaler. The skeleton now resides in the London Natural History Museum. The colours of the jersey come from the Wexford flag.

Boston now has less than 20 spots left, so if you want to join us for the one and only weekend of IDHL hockey ever, sign up today!